When is a guide not a guide? When it's a partisan endorsement disguised as a guide.


When we endorse a 2020 candidate, we won't be using the Center Action Fund's new "guide' as a source, not while it cherry picks candidates' history for its own agenda.

Their 'guide' that is making the rounds on the web (we won't link it here) accuses all but their two preferred candidates of having failing grades on the environment. They "accomplish this" by ignoring the other candidates' accomplishments while picking votes out of content.

Their particular ire is pointed at Joe Biden and Tom Steyer, giving them both a failing environmental record for work while ignoring their actual accomplishments and support for actual initiatives and law. They laud Sanders and Warren for votes that were not put into law, and give no examples of actual accomplishments. That's not to say there aren't any. They chose to focus on votes that had no impact as accomplishments for their high grades versus Biden and Steyer's assigned low grades. 

With Biden, they give no meaningful credit for how, in 1986, he introduced the Global Climate Protection Act, the first climate change bill in the Senate, even though the act, signed into law by Reagan in 1987, directed the government to research and develop a strategy to deal with global warming.

They also dismiss Biden's record as Vice President. There is no doubt the Obama Administration had a complicated record on climate change, but where they did fight it, Biden was on point. In fact, the new 'guide's' dismissal of Biden's environmental efforts is so out of context, it is like calling the Galapagos is wet and rocky while never mentioning its biodiversity. 

They also downgraded Tom Steyer, an environmentalist who, in reality, has puts his own money toward the climate. Klobuchar received her own low rating, as did all but Sanders and Warren.  

We have nothing against Sanders or Warren, especially the latter whose plan has merit, but Biden and Steyer have proven track records the Center Action Fund's "guide" has ignored.

So, what did Bernie accomplish that made them endorse him and call it a guide?  They gave Bernie the top spot for supporting the Green New Deal. Wait, was that made into law? No?  Did Sanders write it?  No? Will it pass even if he becomes president if he doesn't have a majority in the Senate? No?   Wasn't there someone who got a sweeping climate bill passed and made into law when Republicans were in charge?  Oh, right, that was Biden. 

This was a hit "guide" meant to help their favorite candidates at the expense of other candidates,  while targeted at low information voters.  Did they think no one would notice?